New & Expectant Parent Program

The DSACT New Parent Program welcomes new and expectant parents to the Central Texas community through connection with New Parent Guides, gifts, resources and more.

Congratulations on the newest member of your family!

Whether you are an expectant parent or have recently welcomed your baby, we are excited to welcome you to DSACT. We understand that you may be experiencing many different feelings and want to support you along the way. We offer a safe place to turn to where you can share your feelings and fears with people who have been there. We will reach out to you with compassion and care and will not judge.

There is no right or wrong way to react to a diagnosis. You may experience intense emotions at first: shock, dismay, fear, or anger. These emotions are perfectly normal – as are many more. With time, researchers have found that the vast majority of families have a more positive outlook on life and nearly all of the survey respondents stated that they have a happy life while raising a child with Down syndrome. 

Some families decide that raising a child with Down syndrome is not right for them. A wonderful resource is the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network.

Wherever you find yourself at this moment, please know that we care, we will meet you where you are, and we commit to do our best to meet your needs for accurate information and support.

New Parent Program

Expectant and new parents have shared that connecting with a family who also has a child with Down syndrome is one of the most valuable tools during this time. Therefore, we created a New Parent Program to match you with a local family who can provide you with support and encouragement. 

This program is nine weeks long in which you decide the level of support you want during this period, whether virtually or in-person. New Parent Guides offer a direct connection and relationship to another parent of a young child with Down syndrome. They can give honest answers to your questions and provide a realistic picture of raising a child with Down syndrome.

Some families have given us feedback stating that they created long lasting friendships after finishing this program. Other families choose to rely on the parent guide solely during the program. The main goal is for you to connect with a family who has been on the same journey as you!

New Parent Welcome Package

Expectant parents and new parents of children ages 0-2 can sign up for a New Parent Welcome Package. This package will contain resources as well as small gifts for your child.  When registering for your free membership, make sure and click “Yes” to get your New Parent Welcome Package.

Baby Talk Social Group

Expectant parents and parents of children 0-3 can join our Baby Talk Social Group. You will have the opportunity to meet other families and your child will be able to connect and start creating friendships with other children. 

Become a Member

We encourage you to sign up to become a DSACT member. Once you sign up, you will be added to our mailing list and will receive our bi-monthly newsletter, which provides up to date resources and information about DSACT programming. You will also receive a call from a member of our team who will follow up with you and recommend relevant services and support.

We recognize every family’s journey and timeline is different, so please email us directly at if you are not ready to become a member but would like to ask any questions.

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