Education Outreach

Discover DSACT’s impactful education outreach programs that foster learning, inclusion, and developmentally appropriate practice for individuals with Down syndrome.

The Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with Down syndrome receive quality education that help them reach their utmost potential. Through our education outreach, we help educators and parents understand best practices for teaching students with Down syndrome in an inclusive setting through a variety of programs.

Presentations & Training

We offer presentations to educators and local school districts, community groups, and others to build understanding of the needs of students with Down syndrome. Previous presentation topics have included: Down syndrome 101, Behavior 101, All About IEPs, Inclusion, and Social-Emotional Development.

To request a presentation for your child’s school, your school’s team, or your community group, please email us at

Annual Conference

Our annual conference takes place in the Fall. Topics change from year to year so we are able to provide you with the most up to date educational practices. On October 11, 2023, our workshop was on Inclusion and Universal Design for Learning.

1:1 Consultations

Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions you may have on your child or student’s education. We are able to provide support on a variety of topics such as behavior, classroom modifications, inclusion support, supporting literacy and math skills, and more.

Education Podcast

Check out our podcast that covers topics like Learning Through Play, Inclusion in the Classroom, Behavior 101 and more!

Legal Consultations

DSACT is pleased to offer to DSACT members a free, one-time legal consultation on special education issues only. A consultation will last up to two hours. Our consultations generally focus on inclusion/placement in the least restrictive classroom environment and provision of appropriate supports and services, including modifying the curriculum. The consultation’s purpose will be to help you be a better advocate for your student by giving you legal information about your special education issue. DSACT does not provide legal consultations about placement in private schools, preschool services or services after 12th grade. 

Our services do not include help with mediation, due process hearings or complaints to state or federal agencies. The DSACT attorney does not accompany you to meetings with school staff, including ARD meetings. 

To request a legal consultation, please email

World Down Syndrome Day Kits

In 2022, DSACT created a World Down Syndrome Day Activity Kit program to provide a way for teachers to facilitate a discussion about Down syndrome on or around World Down Syndrome Day. These kits include:

  • A hardcover book featuring a character with Down syndrome or inclusion
  • Discussion questions based on the book
  • Educational resources about Down syndrome
  • A hard copy of the activities to share throughout the school

DSACT families can request a free activity kit for their child’s classroom or teachers can request for their classroom. In 2023, we sent 40 kits to 36 schools across 19 districts. A big thank you to Halff for their donation, allowing us to expand our World Down Syndrome Day Kits in 2024!

Members can now sign up for a 2024 kit here.

DSACT Reading Program

DSACT is excited to announce the launch of a new reading program designed for early readers. With a 2:1 student to teacher ratio, the DSACT Reading Program will give children with early emergent (approximate ages 3-5) and emergent reading levels (approximate ages 6-8), the opportunity to develop their reading & literacy skills. Each session will consist of large group and small group play-based activities. Additionally, between sessions, children will continue to practice these skills at home with the given assignments and development ideas.

Peer Presentations

Peer presentations help parents provide age-appropriate information about Down syndrome to their child’s classmates. If you have a student with Down syndrome in your classroom, you can ask their parents if they’d like to use these presentations in their child’s classroom.

Conference Stipends

Several large Down Syndrome organizations host annual conferences throughout the United States. These conferences welcome renowned experts in the field who share their wealth of knowledge with the community. Specifically, we have stipends for NDSC’s Convention, NDSS’s Adult Summit, and NDSS’s Advocacy Conference. We are very proud to offer these opportunities to our members. To apply for a stipend, keep an eye out for details in our newsletters and social media accounts.

For more education resources, please check out our resource pages.